How to clean your kitchen in summer time?

I. keep fresh air flow

keep flow of fresh air in your kitchen and always open the window as possible as you can. Choose  a well-functioned cooker hood and turn it on during cooking, also remaining 10 minutes after cooking.

II. Detergent, vinegar and boiling water

Mix detergent, vinegar and boiling water together to wipe and clean the dirty oil on kitchen wall.

III. Use vinegar to mop the kitchen floor

Mop the floor with vinegar then clean it again with water

IV. Clean anytime

Clean the oily places once you find it, do not let it stay there and become very hard to clean.

V. Boiling lemon slides or vinegar to absorb the oil and smoke while cooking.

VI. Fry green tea leaf

Fry the green tea leaf in the pot that will also absorb the oily smoke in the kitchen.

Believe It Or Not – Chinese Kitchen Fengshui

For Kitchen, we know that it should be always clean and hygienic that is quite important for cooking. Besides, we should also take care of the Kitchen Feishui to get a better health and fortune.

1. keep the air flow in the kitchen and avoid to much oil and steam.

2. keep in  bright and prevent darkness.

3. The kitchen should not be placed in the opposite of main gate and toilet.

4. keep dry and avoid too much moisture。

5. All knife blades should be hidden.

6. Avoid using big area of blue or black color in the kitchen.

7. The floor of kitchen should not be higher than sitting room or bedroom.

2016 Red Dot Best of the Best Award – Home & Kitchen Design

In 2016, there are about 5,200 manufacturers & designers in total who participate the nomination of Red Dot Product Design Award, of which the participants number is far more than any history record. Finally, 1,304 won Red Dot Award, and among that, 79 were awarded as Best of the Best, 107 as Honourable Mention.

Here, we especially show you the Best of the Best concerning house & kitchen products to you:

Uncle Jack sofa:same material

SOULMAT bed mat:cross adjustment

Kayak chair:floating feeling

Buderus LogastyleLucrum stove:strong and elegant

Schulthess Spirit 530 / 540 washing machine:easy-operated

Schulthess Spirit 630 / 640  drying machine:hamonius and unified

Little Swan Beverly 7188 serie  washing machine: sensitive and intelligent

DROP Coffee machine: like a poem

TR4110PD1 cooker: the center of life

LG Bottom Freezer fridge: inspiration from scupture

JDE Promesso auto coffee machine: personal enjoy

KitchenAid Torrent Blender : a healthy lifestyle

Vertu One pressure pot: the beauty of pressure

Ron knife series + organizers knife: coordinating slide

One-o-One  travelling cup: daily accompany

Motus ceramic pot: natural balance

Belle-V bottle opener: delighted function



Mixed double: Fridge + larder solution

The larder units from Kesseböhmer provide space enough to store all the groceries for a household in one centrally positioned unit with a very small footprint. A light touch moves the entire contents out in front of the unit – for a clear view from each side and very fast access. It makes kitchen work much easier, it saves time and effort and it avoids the risk of items being forgotten at the back of a cupboard. Together the fridge + a larder solution from Kesseböhmer create a complete storage center in a contemporary fitted kitchen. Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Clever Storage – Follow the ten rules!

There is a German saying that good organization is half the battle. So what might the other half include? Enjoying life, having fun and naturally cooking! Clever Storage has been planned and executed with the passion for perfection associated with ‘Made in Germany’. It is not only the theoretical basis for highly practical storage solutions, but also a successful approach to kitchen organization.

Clever Storage literally gets more out of every kitchen cupboard. It stands for well-organized kitchen, a clear overview of all the contents and the surety that you are making the best use od available space! Individuality is another benefit. There is nothing to beat personalized storage fittings that give the customers exactly what they want. Clever Storage solutions do just this, delivering benefits all round. The principle follows ten rules:

  1. Easy to reach
  2. Great use of space
  3. Easy to find
  4. Optimal space planning
  5. Optimal ergonomics
  6. Well organized
  7. Great design
  8. Easy to clean
  9. Built to last
  10. Easy assembly

VOLUME K – the high-end furniture brand

Regularly Kesseböhmer organizes exclusive events, parties and exhibitions. In May 2014 VOLUME K – Kesseböhmer’s new high-end furniture brand – organized a trendsetting design event in the Miele Villa in Shanghai.

Over 70 guests from several branches as furniture studios, design companies and media publishers attended this event, enjoyed speeches by famous designers, a coffee tasting, top level French wine & Scottish whisky tasting and the luxury VOLUME K furniture.

A new member of the VOLUME K family – the Coffee box – was exclusively presented during the event for the first time. The Coffee box combines useful function and a stylish design. It offers you a modern coffee machine, functional drawers and the perfect storage solution where you can store everything you need for your personal coffee ceremony: your cups, saucers, spoons, cookies, coffee beans and coffee capsules. The VOLUME K coffee station is easy moveable on rolls that you are free to choose every placement you want. The coalition of different strong German brands ensure a high quality for sure – associated with an outstanding design. For your personal living or dining room, the company’s conference place or lobby – use the Coffee box wherever you want.

Define your own style – the CONVOY 2.0 tuning program

The CONVOY family was originally developed as storage systems for the kitchen. It soon became clear that the application area was in fact far wider and more varied. A CONVOY is a solution at home in living, dining and bedroom areas. At the same time, demand for even more optically and functionally customized designs was growing. It is our pleasure to present the solutions we have developed as a result. We offer three levels of customization. Find our brochure right here.