How Big is your Fridge, Clever Storage will Surprise You

Are you always concerned about the fridge size and space?

Even you replace your older fridge from single door, to double door, or to triple doors… …

If you don’t have any idea about how to store in your smart way, even ten-door fridge cannot requires your needs.

Let’s have a look at the resonable storage solution:

Believe It Or Not – Chinese Kitchen Fengshui

For Kitchen, we know that it should be always clean and hygienic that is quite important for cooking. Besides, we should also take care of the Kitchen Feishui to get a better health and fortune.

1. keep the air flow in the kitchen and avoid to much oil and steam.

2. keep in  bright and prevent darkness.

3. The kitchen should not be placed in the opposite of main gate and toilet.

4. keep dry and avoid too much moisture。

5. All knife blades should be hidden.

6. Avoid using big area of blue or black color in the kitchen.

7. The floor of kitchen should not be higher than sitting room or bedroom.

Clever Storage – Follow the ten rules!

There is a German saying that good organization is half the battle. So what might the other half include? Enjoying life, having fun and naturally cooking! Clever Storage has been planned and executed with the passion for perfection associated with ‘Made in Germany’. It is not only the theoretical basis for highly practical storage solutions, but also a successful approach to kitchen organization.

Clever Storage literally gets more out of every kitchen cupboard. It stands for well-organized kitchen, a clear overview of all the contents and the surety that you are making the best use od available space! Individuality is another benefit. There is nothing to beat personalized storage fittings that give the customers exactly what they want. Clever Storage solutions do just this, delivering benefits all round. The principle follows ten rules:

  1. Easy to reach
  2. Great use of space
  3. Easy to find
  4. Optimal space planning
  5. Optimal ergonomics
  6. Well organized
  7. Great design
  8. Easy to clean
  9. Built to last
  10. Easy assembly