VOLUME K – the high-end furniture brand

Regularly Kesseböhmer organizes exclusive events, parties and exhibitions. In May 2014 VOLUME K – Kesseböhmer’s new high-end furniture brand – organized a trendsetting design event in the Miele Villa in Shanghai.

Over 70 guests from several branches as furniture studios, design companies and media publishers attended this event, enjoyed speeches by famous designers, a coffee tasting, top level French wine & Scottish whisky tasting and the luxury VOLUME K furniture.

A new member of the VOLUME K family – the Coffee box – was exclusively presented during the event for the first time. The Coffee box combines useful function and a stylish design. It offers you a modern coffee machine, functional drawers and the perfect storage solution where you can store everything you need for your personal coffee ceremony: your cups, saucers, spoons, cookies, coffee beans and coffee capsules. The VOLUME K coffee station is easy moveable on rolls that you are free to choose every placement you want. The coalition of different strong German brands ensure a high quality for sure – associated with an outstanding design. For your personal living or dining room, the company’s conference place or lobby – use the Coffee box wherever you want.