A Kitchen is like a Car: comfort and usability are defined largely by the optional features

How much pleasure can you expert from a car without:

  • Air conditioning
  • Airbags
  • Cup holders
  • Audio system
  • Adjustable, heatable seats
  • SatNav
  • Remote opening/closing
  • Fog lights

This optional features are more and more important.

In the same case, how much pleasure can you expect from kitchen without:

  • Optimal utilisation of storage space
  • Clear overview of stored items
  • User-friendly operation
  • Fast access to all stored items
  • Behind-the-door fittings that enhance
  • The kitchen design
  • Easy, flexible adjustment
  • Easy-case surfaces and materials

The fittings behind the doors are more and more important, too.


How Big is your Fridge, Clever Storage will Surprise You

Are you always concerned about the fridge size and space?

Even you replace your older fridge from single door, to double door, or to triple doors… …

If you don’t have any idea about how to store in your smart way, even ten-door fridge cannot requires your needs.

Let’s have a look at the resonable storage solution:

Online Popular Food of Shanghai – Which One Do You Prefer?

You may have tasted many traditional Shanghai food since you were a kid, some of which might be ordinary to you, but nowadays, they are popular on the internet and become online hot food. Some food are difficult to buy even you get into a long queue. Today, let’s have a look at most popluar Shanghai online food in recent months.

1. Xin Hua Lou egg meat green dumpling: wait 10 hours to get one box – hundreds of RMB

2. White Rabbit Toffee: decorated with French package – increasing price

3. Yang‘’s dumpling: a famous brand around all China

4. Jia Jia soup dumpling:  reported by BBC

5. A Da Chinese pancake:  reported by BBC

6. Nanyang Rd. rice dumpling:A legend in the circle

7. International Hotel Butterfly cracker: be popular in decades, and available on high-speed rail

8. Chongming Gao: recommanded by Taobao

How to clean your kitchen in summer time?

I. keep fresh air flow

keep flow of fresh air in your kitchen and always open the window as possible as you can. Choose  a well-functioned cooker hood and turn it on during cooking, also remaining 10 minutes after cooking.

II. Detergent, vinegar and boiling water

Mix detergent, vinegar and boiling water together to wipe and clean the dirty oil on kitchen wall.

III. Use vinegar to mop the kitchen floor

Mop the floor with vinegar then clean it again with water

IV. Clean anytime

Clean the oily places once you find it, do not let it stay there and become very hard to clean.

V. Boiling lemon slides or vinegar to absorb the oil and smoke while cooking.

VI. Fry green tea leaf

Fry the green tea leaf in the pot that will also absorb the oily smoke in the kitchen.

Believe It Or Not – Chinese Kitchen Fengshui

For Kitchen, we know that it should be always clean and hygienic that is quite important for cooking. Besides, we should also take care of the Kitchen Feishui to get a better health and fortune.

1. keep the air flow in the kitchen and avoid to much oil and steam.

2. keep in  bright and prevent darkness.

3. The kitchen should not be placed in the opposite of main gate and toilet.

4. keep dry and avoid too much moisture。

5. All knife blades should be hidden.

6. Avoid using big area of blue or black color in the kitchen.

7. The floor of kitchen should not be higher than sitting room or bedroom.

2016 Red Dot Best of the Best Award – Home & Kitchen Design

In 2016, there are about 5,200 manufacturers & designers in total who participate the nomination of Red Dot Product Design Award, of which the participants number is far more than any history record. Finally, 1,304 won Red Dot Award, and among that, 79 were awarded as Best of the Best, 107 as Honourable Mention.

Here, we especially show you the Best of the Best concerning house & kitchen products to you:

Uncle Jack sofa:same material

SOULMAT bed mat:cross adjustment

Kayak chair:floating feeling

Buderus LogastyleLucrum stove:strong and elegant

Schulthess Spirit 530 / 540 washing machine:easy-operated

Schulthess Spirit 630 / 640  drying machine:hamonius and unified

Little Swan Beverly 7188 serie  washing machine: sensitive and intelligent

DROP Coffee machine: like a poem

TR4110PD1 cooker: the center of life

LG Bottom Freezer fridge: inspiration from scupture

JDE Promesso auto coffee machine: personal enjoy

KitchenAid Torrent Blender : a healthy lifestyle

Vertu One pressure pot: the beauty of pressure

Ron knife series + organizers knife: coordinating slide

One-o-One  travelling cup: daily accompany

Motus ceramic pot: natural balance

Belle-V bottle opener: delighted function



New A30 Trend Report on the clever-storage website

120 kitchen trends over 100 pages for you to download.

The clever-storage editorial team has been out and about visiting the showrooms along the “A30 Mile of Kitchens” in German East Westphalia to bring you the latest eTrendReport – 96 pages of inspiration and ideas not only for kitchen buyers, but also for kitchen planners and the kitchen retail sector.  You can download or browse theeTrendReport here.

Over 120 photos chosen from hundreds taken by our photographer in the different kitchen exhibitions, give a comprehensive overview of what’s on offer right now. They show you what’s new, beautiful, functional and user-friendly in the world of kitchens. There are chapters on “Looks and styles”, “Decorative features”, “Architecture”, “Colours”, “Structure”, “Light” and “Clever Storage”, ie, intelligent fittings behind the fronts.

Cute Micro-movie of iMove

Sharing happy hours with your cute friends.

With the help of iMove, both cat and dog can assistant the baby to get the stuff from the hanging cabinet.

iMove is an intelligent pull-down system. As a revolutionary hanging pull-down system, it will bring new design storm for kitchen. Applied with “clever storage” & “easy to store and get”, KESSEBÖhmer developed this product involving latest technology. only a light pull, all stuff in the hanging cabinet are available.  operation in relex and quite feeling makes the user expeirence of  imove even more perfect.


Please watch the micro-movie.

2016 Eurocucina Trend Report

Nowhere in the world do kitchen and furniture designs meet in such a concentrated, but simultaneously varied, way as every two years at the EuroCucina in Milan, Italy. Some of the trends are subtle and others clearly point the way to the future for interior design and kitchen fittings.

The Clever Storage editorial team was also there, taking an interested and expert look at all the products being showcased at the EuroCucina. We have identified and photographed the major kitchen trends for you.

These trends and innovations are collected in the new Trend Report 2016/2017. The 180-pagesphotobook full of new, beautiful and interesting features from the EuroCucina wait for you.


Click here to download the digital file for free!



KESSEBÖHMER – Fadior Product Training

July 7, KESSEBÖHMER Brand Scout Shenzhen – Chloe Ding made a product training for Fadior concerning KESSEBÖHMER solutions.